Pi Insurance

Pi insurance for your business

In the modern business world, the need to be properly risk managed is more important than ever. This is an increasingly litigious society and full professional insurance cover is just a fact of life. It will be required by your customers and by your institutes and associations. It will enable you to tender for projects proactively and demonstrate professionalism.

We provide you with a full Civil Liability policy – what does that mean – it means we have anticipated your requirements to be covered for not only the breach of your professional standards but also the assumed duties you owe to your clients either on a direct or indirect basis.

Traditional Professions

Chartered Surveyors
Directors & Officers
Estate Agents
Insurance Brokers
IT Consultants
Office Insurance
Quantity Surveyors

New and Emerging Professions

Advertising Consultants
Business Centres
Business Coaching & Development
Business Consultants
Firms Consultants
Company Doctors
Data Processing
Design Consultants
Display Artists
Display Designers
Exhibition Designers
Exhibition Organisers
Graphic designers
HR Consultants
Logo Designers
Market Research Consultants
Marketing Consultants
Office Designers
Personnel Consultants
Promotions Consultants
Public relations consultants
Publicity Consultants
Radio Broadcasters
Radio Station
Technical Illustrators
Telecomunications Consult’
Industrial Consultants
Management Consultants
Office Consultants
Office Planners
Training Consultants

Our Scheme Speciality Professions

Asbestos Awareness HASAWA
Acoustics Consultancy
Air Quality Consultants
Audio-visual Consultants
Confined Space Consultants
CDM C Advisors
Cleaning Consultants
Clerks & Appeals Clerks
Control of Hazardous Substances
Dangerous Goods Usage
Driver Training
Employers Liability Inspections
Energy Consultants
Environmental Consultants
Expert Witness / Arbitrators
Fire Safety Auditors
Fire Safety Consultants
First Aid Training
Food Safety
Food Technologists
Forensic Science Consultants
Fork lift truck operators
Health & Safety Audits
Health & Safety Consultants
Hygiene Consultants
Industrial Equipment Inspections
Inspection Consultants
Lift consultants
Lighting Consultants
Manual Handling
Noise Consultants
Occupational Health
Office related PI risks
Pest Control Consultants
Portable Appliance Testing
Plant & Equipment Training
Powered Access Training
Principal Designers
Quality Consultants
Risk Management
Transport of Dangerous and Hazardous goods
Vibration Consultants
Waste Consultants
Water Treatment Consultants

Why Choose Sennet

We don’t give you technobabble or insurance speak, we do what we are good at.  We look after our clients.

Yes, we have to know all the technobabble and insurance speak and we do all of that for you, leaving you to get on with what you are good at – your business, knowing that you have us behind you doing the insurance bit. 

We have tailored our underwriters to those with specialist business sector knowledge so you can get quick and effective service, good premiums, relevant insurance cover and good claims handling.  If you have read down to this bit then call us on 01304 898428 and when you get insurance from us we will put you into our monthly wine draw.

How the process works

We want to keep the process as simple as possible for you – like everyone we hate forms.  So we can give you quotes over the phone or if a questionnaire is needed we have a range of very short quick quote info collection sheets.  Ok aka forms.  Best thing is to just contact us – call us or email us and tell us who you are what you do and what you want.

Pi insurance costs

This is a very good time to be buying Pi, the market is extremely competitive and premiums are low.  So if you have not checked your premium for a while now is the time to do it.  And it is why you should do it with us – we know if the premium is just cheap and is giving no cover or if it is really good value.

About Us

As a small independent specialist brokers we have close ties with market specialists in our underwriting sectors and also time to spend with our clients reviewing their individual needs providing the service they expect.  We are the Appointed Professional Indemnity brokers for APS and also have several other specialist Institutes and Associations on our books.

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