About Us

Sennet is a trading style of Sennet Professional Indemnity Limited (Company #3344896)
and is an Approved Representative of Blue Shield insurance Services Limited who are Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority # 303304.

Over the past decade the insurance industry has seen a move away from the all-encompassing broking houses to the development of a number of specialist brokers dedicating services to a specific client base. Sennet is at the vanguard in this new concept in insurance intermediaries.

Since its establishment in April 1997 Sennet has dedicated itself to providing the very best in legal expenses insurance to our clients.

Sennet was started by Paul James, who has had over 30 years’ experience in the Commercial and Professional Indemnity Insurance sector. The last ten years as Professional Indemnity underwriter for the largest reinsurance company of its’ type in the world (The General Reinsurance Corporation) establishing their London and European Professional Indemnity Underwriting Department. The goal of Sennet is to offer specialist professions and emerging user groups full access to a dedicated tailored insurance solution.


Sennet Insurance Abilities

In any one given insurance placement there are a number of critical factors which combine to make the risk transfer mechanism fully effective, primary amongst these are :-

  • Familiarity and Knowledge of the Client’s work
  • Recognition of the Client’s real insurance requirements
  • Client – Broker Liaison
  • Specific Insurance Knowledge of :
    • Wordings
    • Endorsements
    • Costing
    • Policy Handling


Sennet Insurance Delivery

  • Balanced Insurance Delivery
  • Knowledge of Specific Client’s Risk Transfer Needs
  • Knowledge of General & Manuscript Wordings and Conditions
  • Individually Tailored Insurance Documents
  • Efficient Policy Control
  • Sennet has arranged a simple direct debit facility for use by its’ client base at a nominal APR.
  • Depth of Knowledge of Scheme Placements


The Importance of Claims Handling

In all of the placements undertaken by Sennet the utmost importance is attached to the claims handling. No insurance placement is complete without the ability of the insurance broker to be able to handle the claims requirements of the insured. We take specific consideration of this and has enhanced the claims handling ability of its’ operation by the means in which it places the original enquiry. We work closely with the insured and user groups to understand their potential areas of exposure. In doing this it places the insurance into specific underwriters who have the best ability to defend their Clients against any suits bought against them and who offer the insured the broadest cover for their particular field of operation. Sennet ensures that each of the underwriters is of the best security to be able to meet the future insurance requirements of the insured.